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  • 竞博-竞博jbo-竞博会

    2017-09-28 16:36:37
    Guidance: China Food, Native Animal Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Grain and Oil Society, China Grain and Oil Society, Fat Branch, Guangdong Food Industry Association, Guangdong Food Society, Yingfuman Exhibition Group
    Support unit: France International Food Industry Association, Korea Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Circulation Association, Spain Food and Beverage Industry Union, Jordan Export Association, Czech Trade Promotion Agency, Singapore Manufacturers Association, Global Water Association, Berkeley Springs Water Competition Organizing Committee, Guangxi Food Industry Association
    [exhibition introduction]
    Guangzhou International Food Exhibition and Import Food Exhibition (IFE China Food Exhibition) is a well-known international B2B food professional exhibition, has been successfully held to the 19th. IFE China Food Fair has huge resources of exhibitors and purchasers, and has become one of the most important commercial and trade purchasing platforms in China's food industry chain. IFE China Food Fair is not only a brand exhibition, but also a high quality international exchange event dedicated to creating brand, trade, investment and technology services for the industry.
    [scope of exhibits]
    1. Imported food: national special food, tourist food, leisure food, candy, biscuit, chocolate, cereal puffing, dried fruit, cold fruit, meat products, condiments, beverages, wine, foreign wine, beer, etc.
    2. Domestic Food/Agricultural Products/Food Material: Recreational Food, Dairy Products and Eggs, Organic Food, Grocery Food, Wine, Non-alcoholic Beverage, Fresh Meat, Aquatic Products, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Dried Fruits, Cured Meat, Cooked Food and Instant Food, Canned Food, Frozen Food, Food Chain Brand, Food Store Design Agricultural products, related services, etc.
    High-end water/tea/probiotics/enzymes: natural drinking water, pure drinking water, hydrogen-rich drinking water, carbonated drinking water, water purification equipment, tea leaves, tea sets, tea derivatives, probiotics, enzymes, fermentation engineering, etc.
    4. Grain and Oil: Peanut Oil, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Blended Oil, Rice, Noodles, Potatoes, Miscellaneous Grain, etc.
    5. Production/packaging equipment: food machinery, grain and oil machinery, packaging machinery, filling machinery, weighing equipment, packaging materials, etc.
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