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  • 竞博-竞博jbo-竞博会

    2017-10-09 15:37:23
    The thirteenth Shenzhen International Fair
    Theme: innovation driven green lead
    Time: 11-13 October 2018
    Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Expo is an open international industry stage, and it is also a place to show the comprehensive strength of enterprises. As the participating enterprises of this exhibition, there are 500 strong enterprises, listed star enterprises, state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized private enterprises from home and abroad, gathered here, only to seek common development and progress with the industry, and to share the grand occasion and win-win future with those who have the will!
    Regardless of national boundaries, regardless of seniority and background, they all have a common voice, that is, jointly for this belongs to the logistics of the event Call! For a while, the circle of friends in the logistics industry has set off a hot endorsement of exhibitors in the exhibition, the chairman of the board of directors, general managers, CEOs, presidents have seconds to change the logistics network red!
    Review of 2017 Expo: Taking "new mode, new technology, new links and new kinetic energy" as the theme
    The exhibition area is 65 thousand, and 14 exhibition areas have been set up.
    More than 1000 brands from more than 52 countries in the world participate in the exhibition.
    From 134500 countries in 81 countries.
    Meanwhile, 72 high-end forums and events will be launched.
    A strong platform - the exhibition will absorb five continents and connect the world with logistics.
    In 2018, the area and number of exhibitors are expected to grow by 10%.
    There will be more than 140 thousand professional visitors at home and abroad.
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