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    Company purpose:
    Food safety first, healthy life, fresh every day!
    Company principles:
    Good faith management, affordable.
    Company objectives:
    To create the leading brand of meat industry in the Pearl River Delta region.
    Company mission:
    The maximization of customer interests, employee interests and shareholders' interests is the maximization of company value.
    Customer interest: using high quality fresh meat, thoughtful service and professional consultation to improve customer value;
    Employee interests: sense of honor, job satisfaction, level, skills and experience continue to improve and accumulate, a broad space for development;
    Shareholders' interests: tangible and intangible investment returns.
    Enterprise spirit:
    Dedication, integrity, conscientiousness and innovation;
    Dedication: with high-quality facilities and services, improve customer satisfaction, we cherish this opportunity, we respect the profession;
    Honesty: Treat people with sincerity, persuade people with faith, guarantee company's interests with user's interests, realize economic benefits with social benefits;
    Responsible: we ensure that all aspects of our services are conscientious and meticulous.
    Innovation: Only through constant self-innovation and self-improvement can we create valuable products, markets and services.
    Talent view:
    Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure.
    People oriented, respecting knowledge and respecting personality;
    Provide sufficient resources to enable all employees to develop in the most suitable direction.
    We should encourage innovation, advocate excellence, improve the system and standardize development.
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